The beginnings of the town: The first town hall.

Bialik house

Beit Reuven

Carmel market

Nahalat Binyamin artists’ fair

Neve Zedek

Suzanne Dellal Center

The city center: Habima and Mann auditorium

Tel Aviv museum of art

The Golda Meir Tel Aviv performing arts center

Tel Aviv municipality

Old Jaffa

Clock tower

Museum of Antiquities Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Shuk Hapishpishim

Over The Yarkon (Driving Route): Yarkon Park

The Meymaidion


Eretz Israel Museum

Beth Hatefutsot (Diaspora Museum)

Tel Aviv University

Botanical Garden

Israel trade fair & convention center

More to see...White city

Tel Aviv amusement park


Zoo & Safari park


Permanent Events

Marinas & water sports

Shopping centers

Religious institutions



To some, it is a city of commerce and business, to others - a city of culture and entertainment. Still others describe it as a beach resort. In fact, Tel Aviv is all these, and more. It has wide beaches with golden sand, exotic markets and exclusive shopping centers - a unique combination and a source of pride for the city. Besides these, there are luxury hotels and international hotel chains which meet international standards, and cater to the tastes and needs of the city’s guests. Tel Aviv has large business districts with modern architecture, amidst old and intimate streets.

Tel Aviv boasts museums of every type, a beautiful opera house, and the Mann Auditorium, home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, considered one of the world’s best. There are also many parks, gardens, boulevards and sculptures scattered throughout the city that all merit more than a passing glance. Tel Aviv can also boast the largest concentration of International Style "Bauhaus" architecture remaining in existence in the world today.

Tel Aviv is the first Hebrew city. Called Ahuzat Bayit, it was founded in 1909 as a Jewish neighborhood near Jaffa. In 1910 its name was changed to Tel Aviv (the "hill of spring").

On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel declared its independence in Tel Aviv.

The temporary capital of the new State, the first Knesset and Government Offices were located here until 1949. In 1950, Jaffa was annexed to Tel Aviv. Today there are approximately 360,000 residents in the city. Acquaint yourself with the historical, cultural and artistic sites of Tel Aviv and Jaffa with four simple walking and driving self guided tours. Start at 5 Shalom Aleichem St. (between Hayarkon and Ben Yehuda St.) and follow the clearly marked orange posts to the route of your choice.

City Map




Constructed as a hotel in 1925, it later housed the municipal offices until 1965. The mosaic sculpture in front of the building is the work of Nahum Gutman, a famous "Old Tel Aviv" painter. 27 Bialik St.,



Haim Nahman Bialik, Israel’s national poet, lived and worked in this remarkable house until his death in 1934. The municipality has preserved the house as a museum. Group tours by appointment, admission fee. Open Sun. - Thurs. 9 am - 4.45 pm, Sat. 11 am - 1 .45 pm. 22 Bialik St. Tel. 03-5253403,



The former home of Reuven Rubin, one of the major artists of Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel), is now a museum housing a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions. Open Sun., Mon., Wed. Thurs. 10 am - 2 pm, Tues. 10 am - 1 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm, closed Fri. Sat. 11 am - 2pm

14 Bialik St. Tel. 03-5255961,



Tel Aviv’s largest open air market with a colorful Oriental atmosphere. A fruit and vegetable market where you can also find sweets and nuts, pots and pans, clothes and shoes, and almost anything else under the sun. Allenby St. corner Hacarmel St.,


A street fair where artists sell their handicrafts: paintings, sculptures, jewelry, glass, silver, copper and every imaginable novelty. You may even run across a street singer or pantomimist. When you tire, you can sit at an outdoor cafe for a snack and people-watch. Held every Tuesday and Friday 10 am - 4 pm. Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall corner of Allenby St. running parallel to the Carmel Market.


Built as a quarter for Jews who moved out of Jaffa towards the end of the 19th century.


At the beginning of this century, it was the site of a girl's school, a boy's school and a cultural center. Today, beautifully reconstructed, the Plaza is used for open-air performances and festivals, and dance and drama are performed inside its halls. 5 Yehieli St. Tel. 03-5105656,





Israel’s National Theatre, Habima; the adjacent Mann Auditorium, home of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra; and the Helena Rub instein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, which is part of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, all share the same square, known as Habima Square.

· Habima - 2 Tarsat Blvd. Tel. 03-5266666

· Heichal Hatarbut (Mann Auditorium) -1 Huberman St., Tel. 03-5289163

· Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art - 6 Tarsat Blvd. Open Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs 10am - 6 pm, Tues. 10 am - 10 pm, Fri. & Sat. 10 am - 2 pm Tel. 03-5287196,



One of the largest museums in Israel, a dynamic cultural center featuring permanent collections, temporary exhibitions, a display of Israeli art from the beginning of the century, educational activities and cultural events. Open Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs. 10 am - 6 pm, Tues. 10 am -10 pm, Fri. & Sat. 10 am - 2 pm. 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. Tel. 03-6957361,



The newest and most advanced cultural complex which houses the new Israeli opera. This highly modern and well-equipped complex also operates as a center for dance performances, concerts and musicals. 19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. Tel. 03-6927710



At Yitzhak Rabin Square. Most of the municipal offices are housed in this building. The square is the site of public demonstrations and various cultural events. The Square is covered with grafitti drawn after the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, at a peace rally held at the Square,



A port city for over 4,000 years and one of the world’s most ancient towns, Jaffa is a major tourist attraction, with an exciting combination of old and new, art galleries and shopping opportunities. It offers a wide variety of culture, entertainment and restaurants,


Erected in the center of Jaffa in 1906, to mark the 25th anniversary of the accession to power of the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II.



Houses archaeological finds relating to Jaffa's rich past. The museum is located in the Turkish Governor’s House. Open Sun., Mon., Tues., Thurs. 9 am - 2 pm, Wed. 9am - 7 pm, Sat. 10 am - 2 pm, closed Fri. 10 Mifratz Shlomo St., near Old Jaffa Port. Tel. 03-6825375,



Flea Market of Old Jaffa. Old, new, antique and odd objects for sale. Be prepared to bargain and ‘Let the buyer beware."


OVER THE YARKON (Driving Route)



Covers an area of hundreds of acres along the banks of the Yarkon River. The park contains rock, tropical and various other beautiful gardens, and offers a large selection of entertainment, sports and recreation facilities.

The park is quiet during the week but crowded with picnickers on weekends. Boat rides are offered, and occasionally outdoor concerts are held here. Children’s plays are presented at the park’s puppet theater.



Water Park is in the heart of Yarkon Park with the latest in water amusements: slides, inner tubes, pools for fun and relaxation. Open May, June & Sept. all week 9 am - 5 pm, July & Aug. all week 9 am - 6pm. Yarkon Park, Tel. 03-6422 777



A bird safari with thousands of birds from all over the world. Amusements for children aged 1 - 12. Open Sun. - Thurs. 10 am - 5 pm, Fri. 10 am - 2 pm, Sat. 10 am - 6 pm. The ticket office closes one hour before. Yarkon Park, Tel. 03-6422888.



A combination of an archaeological site with display pavilions devoted to special subjects, a unique coin museum, a glass museum, gardens and a planetarium. Open Sun., Mon. Tues. & Thurs. 9 am -2 pm, Wed. 9am - 8pm, Sat. 10 am -2 pm. 2 Haim Levanon St. Tel. 03-6415244,



Recounts the story of 2,500 years of the Jewish Diaspora, focusing on the history of Jews and their creativity in different parts of the world. Open Sun., Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 10 am - 4pm; Wed. 10 am - 6pm; Fri. 9 am -1 pm; Sat. closed. Tel Aviv University Campus, Gate 2 Klausner St., Ramat Aviv. Tel. 03-6462020,



Faculties include Humanities, Science, Medicine, Business Administration, etc. Group tours only, by appointment. Ramat Aviv Campus. Tel. 03-6407253. The University has a Botanical and a Zoological Garden. Visits to the Zoological Garden are only for groups, and by appointment.

Tel. 03-6409399


Open Sun. - Thurs. 8 am - 4pm, Groups by appointment. Klausner St. (opp. Beth Hatfutsot)

Tel. 03-6409910.


Located at the Exhibition Park, Israel’s largest exhibition center offers professional services, operating in close cooperation with all organizers of Israeli, as well (is international, exhibitions.





An environmental sculpture by Danny Karavan, located in southeastern Tel Aviv, gives a unique observation point of the city and the sea.



Amusements and adventures for all ages. Open Sept. 1 - July 1. Sat. & holidays 10.30 am - 10 pm, July Sun. - Thurs. 5pm - midnight. Sat. 10 am - midnight, August, Sun. - Thurs. & sat.

10 am -midnight. Rokach Blvd. Exhibition Grounds. Tel. 03- 6427080



Amusement park for all ages. Open Sept. - June, Sat. only 10.30 am - 9 pm, July - Aug., Sun. - Thurs. & Sat. 10.30 am - midnight. Rishon LeZion West, near the beach. Tel. 03-9619065



Wide variety of animals seen in their natural habitat. Ramat Gan, near Kfar Hamaccabia. Open Winter, Sun. - Thurs. 9am - 2 .30 pm, Fri. 9 am - 1 pm, Sat. 9 am - 3 pm, Summer, Sun. - Thurs.

9 am - 4 pm, Fri. 9 am - 1 pm, Sat. 9 am- 4 pm. The park is open for 2 hours after the ticket office closes, all year round. Tel. 03-6312181.



Entertainment centers, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and coffee shops are found throughout the city but are mainly concentrated in the following areas:

Sheinkin - Tel Aviv’s Greenwich Village, Florentin - A commercial area by day, Florentin swings by night, and is now being renovated, Haarba‘a St.; Dizengoff St. - Dizengoff Shopping Center; Old Jaffa - Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv Port.



Tel Aviv is the home of most of the first-rate theater in Israel. The majority of the performances, shows and concerts are held in the following auditoriums.

· Bat Dor Dance Troupe - 30 lbn Gvirol St. London Ministore Bldg. Ent. C 2nd Floor. Tel. 03-6963175

· Beit Leissin Theater - 34 Weizmann St. Tel. 03-6941222

· Cameri Theater - 101 Dizengoff St. Tel. 03-52 79888 Performances with simultaneous translation into English every Tuesday.

· Cinerama - 61 Yigal Alon St. corner 45 Yitzhak Sadeh St. Tel. 03-5620999 In addition to the modern discotheque which operates on a regular basis, guest artists appear.

· Gesher Theater - 15 Louis Pasteur St., Old Jaffa Tel. 03-5182812/53. Presentations in Hebrew and Russian.

· Hahima Theater - Habima Sq. 2 Tarsat Blvd. Tel. 03-5266666. The Home of Habima, Israel’s national theater.

· Hasimta Theater - 8 Simtat Mazal Dagim Old Jaffa Tel. 03-6812126. Presents shows and solo performances of young and veteran Israeli artists in a "Cafe-Theater" style.

· Immanuel Church - Beer-Hofman St. Jaffa. Tel. 03-6829841. Concerts are held in the church.

· Heichal Hatarbut -Mann Auditorium - Huberman St. Tel. 03-5289163 Stages local and imported shows. Also serves as the home of the world-renowned and universally acclaimed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. The Philharmonic’s Box Office. Tel. 03-5251502

· Noga Theater - 7-9 Yerushalayim Blvd. Jaffa Tel. 03 -6813131. Has an art gallery. Plays in Russian also.

· Suzanne Dellal - Center for Dance and Theater- Neve Zedek Complex, 5 Yehieli St. Tel. 03-5105656 Home of Inbal and Bat Sheva dance companies.

· Tel Aviv Museum - 27 Shaul Hamnelech St. Tel. 03-6957361, 6961297

· Tel Aviv Center of the Performing Arts -19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd. Tel. 03-692-7707

An architectural showcase featuring concerts and theatrical productions. Home of the new Israeli opera.

· Wohl Amphitheatre - The Acoustic Shell, Yehoshua Gardens, Yarkon Park. Open Apr. - Oct. Tel. 03-6420487. Large-scale performances of world famous artists and performers, and an annual performance by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Seating is on the grass.

· Tzavta Theater - 30 Ibn Gvirol St. (London Ministore) Tel. 03-6950156

· ZOA House - 1 Daniel Frisch St. Tel. 03-6959341/3 The ZOA House is also the home of the

· Yiddish Theater in Israel Tel. 1 -800-444-660, 03-5254660



Castel, 153 Ibn Gvirol St. Tel. 03-6044725

Hadran, 90 lbn Gvirol St. Tel. 03-5279797

Le’an, 101 Dizengoff St. Tel. 03-5247373

Rokoko, 93 Dizengoff St. Tel. 03-5276677



 Tuesdays: 8.30 pm - Performances at the Cameri Theatre - plays in Hebrew with simultaneous translation into English. 101 Dizengoff St. Tel. 03-52 79888

 Tuesdays & Fridays: Between 10 am - 4pm - Arts & crafts bazaar at Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall. Shops and outdoor cafes line the open air mall.

 Wednesdays (except holiday eves). 9.30 am - Free guided walking tour (in English) of the Old City of Jaffa and the

 Flea Market. Starting at the Clock Tower. The tour lasts about 2-1/2 hours. Bus No. 10 from the hotel area.

 Saturdays: 11 am - 3 pm - Israeli folk dancing and popular 60’s tunes, rain or shine! on the Promenade, below the Ramada Continental Hotel.

 Plant a young tree in Israel, experience the joy. The Jewish National Fund, Keren Kayemet Le-Isroel, 96 Hayarkon St. For further information call 03-5234367, 5234449. Sun. - Thurs. 8.00 am - 2 .00 pm, Fri. by appointment only.



 Tel Aviv Music Festival, Old Jaffa, Passover Jaffa Nights Festival, Old Jaffa, the first week of July 0 Beach Festival along the Promenade, July & August



Supervised beaches. During the summer months (until mid-October). April, May & Sept. - 7 am - 5pm, June 7 am - 6 pm, July -August 7am - 7pm Givat Aliya, Charles Clore, Geula, Aviv, Jerusalem, Bograshov, Frishman, Gordon, Hilton, Nordau, Tel Baruch, Hof Hatzuk. From the end of the season until the beginning of the next season, the following beaches operate from 7.30 am - 2 .30 pm: Bograshov, Frishman, Gordon, Nordau, Tel Baruch, Hof Hatzuk. Free entrance to all the beaches except Tel Baruch and Hofllatzuk. For further information. 03-6916450


Tel Aviv has 2 marinas which provide anchorage for yachts and boats, as well as sailing and diving services and repair services for sailing vessels, etc. The main Marina is located in the heart of the hotel area, alongside Atarim (Namir) Square, and the other is at the Jaffa port. Sailboats and windsurfing equipment can be hired at the Tel Aviv Marina, there is a school for motor boating and yachting, as well as the possibility of renting yachts. There are Customs and Border Control services at the Tel Aviv Marina.

Sailing on the lake in the Yarkon Park - Yehoshua Gardens. Open daily 9 am- 9 pm. Tel. 03-6420541

Water cable skiing at Park Darom. The Israeli Water Ski Center is open all year round. In addition to water-skiing, there are pedal boats, playgrounds and picnic sites. Enter from Lod Rd. Tel. 03-7391168


 Dizengoff Center: Large, modern shopping center. Shops, 7 movie theaters, restaurants and cafes. Dizengoff and King George Streets. Buses 5, 13, 24, 25, 61, 99.

 Gan Ha’Ir: Stores and restaurants of truly international standards. Fashion, jewelry, carpets, housewares, dining, delis and movie theater. 71 Ibn Gvirol St. (next to the City Hall). Buses 8, 10, 13, 24, 32, 66.

 New Tel Aviv Bus Terminal The new Tel Aviv bus terminal also operates as a business, commerce and entertainment center with shops including all the well-known chains, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, branches of the major banks and a market. 108 Levinski St. Tel. 03-6384040

 Opera Tower: The first three floors of this ultra-luxurious apartment building are for commercial use, including shops of Israeli designers, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, Judaica and fashion, cafes, restaurants and S movie theaters. 1 Allenby St., opposite the Promenade. Buses 4, 8,10, 90.




· Baptist Church, Baptist Village. Tel. 03-9311965

· Immanuel Church (Lutheran) 9 Beer-Hofman St. Tel. 03-6820654

· St. Anthony (Latin Parish) 51 Yefet St., Jaffa. Tel. 03-6822667

· St. Michael (Greek Orthodox) Netiv Hametsulot, Jaffa. Tel. 03-6823451

· St. Peter’s Church, Mifratz Shlomo St. Old Jaffa. Tel. 03-6822871


· El Ajami, Hasfina St., Jaffa

· The Great Mosque, Russian St., Center of Jaffa

· Hanamal Mosque, near the Jaffa port

· Hassan Bek, Manshieh


· Beit El, 23 Frishinan St.

· Beit-El, Elisha Cohen, 63 Yehoshua Bin Nun St.

· Bilu Students Synagogue, 124 Rothschild Blvd.

· Binyamin Shemesh Synagogue, 45 Shlomo Hamelech St.

· Heichal Avi David, 7 Yehoshua Bin Nun

· Heichal Meir, 12 Manne St.

· Kedem, 62 Bnei Dan St.

· The Central Synagogue in North Tel Aviv, 126 Ben-Yehuda St.

· The Great Synagogue, 110 Allenby St.


 Bus Information, Egged, Tel. 03-5375555

 Bus Information, Dan, Tel. 03-6394444

 Airport Buses - Bus No. 222 - Airport

 Shuttle service, stops along Hayarkon St. and the hotel area, passing the youth hostel (Weizmann St.), via the railway station on Arlozorov St. arriving at the airport opposite the departure hall. Operates during the week from 4 am - midnight, Saturdays from 12pm, 12.45 every hour. Friday till 6.45 pm. For information call 03-9711711 Bus No. 475 - travels from the Central Bus Station and platform No. 3 at Ben Gurion Airport between 5.10 am - 4 pm.

 Railways - There are 2 railway stations in Tel Aviv, on Arlozorov St. & Hashalom Station on Givat Hatahmoshet St. Trains run to Nahariya in the north, via Netanya, Hadera, Haifa and Acre, and to Rehovot, Ashdod and Beer Sheva in the south. There is also a train which operates between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, twice daily. For information call 03-693-7515 between 6 am - 9 pm, recorded message 055-332266, 03-7652200.